Thursday, 7 February 2013


Welcome to our Official Blogger.We are Official @Stefhaniezamora 's fanbase from Aceh,Indonesia.

She is a lovely Germany-Indonesian girl which is a personnel of WINXS Girlband with Salsha,Bella,Cassandra.She joined WINXS GB on 23rd June 2012.

                       Here are some comments from STEFADDICT ACEH for Steffi :

    From : Farah Faizah Zakaria
    She is so kind!I love her hair and voice ! She's a prettiest teenager I've ever known!

    From : Izzatun Nabila
    I like Steffi Because she is a nice,beautiful girl.She loves her fans so much!

    From : Nur Afifah
    I love her pictures on instagram!Their so cute pics:D

    From : Mulija Rizkiya
    As a stefaddict,I always support her!She is so kind.

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